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Aj6_Přítomný čas prostý_cvičení

Přítomný čas prostý        6. ročník                                      Aj


1. V následujících kladných oznamovacích větách doplň správný tvar slovesa:

I ____________ very good at English. (be)

Peter _____________ a big dog. (have got)

Mike _______________  very well. (swim)

We _____________ films with animals. (like)

Jim ______________ to school by bus. (go)

Mary and John ____________ in Trnov. (live)

I _____________ football and volleyball. (play)

My brother ______________ in England. (study)


2. Zeptejte se na podtržená slova:

Example: Rabbits eat grass. What do rabbits eat?

Lions eat meat. ________________________________________?

Palms grow in the south.      _________________________________?

Snakes have got no legs.     _________________________________?

A cat can live for 20 years. ________________________________?

Our dog is hungry because it runs all day. ______________________?

Bats sleep during the day. ________________________________?

Foxes chase rabbits. ____________________________________?

Insect can fly very well. __________________________________?


3. Doplň správný tvar slovesa, pozor na otázky a záporné věty:

Jean and Jill ____________________ very well. (not draw)

They______________________ good at athletics. (not be)

Paul ___________________________ horror films. (like)

Betty __________________________ big dogs. (not like)

We _____________________ to the Art School. (not go)

____________ Jack _____________ in this house? (live)

Peter _____________________ a very big cat. (not have)

_____________ they ________________ books? (read)


4. Gramatické domino:

Podle přerušovaných čar si vystřihni kartičky domina a zkus je poskládat tak, aby tvořily správné věty


play outside


read a book


plays outside


reads a book


watch TV


go to school


watches TV


goes to school


listen to music


do homework


listens to music


does homework




Přítomný čas prostý - řešení    6. ročník                                               Aj


I am, Peter has (got), Mark swims, we like, Jim goes, Mary and John live, I play, my     brother studies



What do lions eat?

Where do palm grow?

How many legs have snakes got?/How many legs do snakes have?

How long can a cat live?

Why is our/your dog hungry?

When do bats sleep?

Who do foxes chase?

How can insect fly?



Jean and Jill do not/don´t draw very well.

They are not/aren´t good at athletics.

Paul likes horror films.

Betty does not/doesn´t like big dogs.

We do not/don´t go to the Art School.

Does Jack live in this house?

Peter has not got/hasn´t got a very big cat.

or Peter does not have/doesn´t have a big cat.

Do they read books?



many possibilities